Is your digital presence performing as it should? Do users leave the website without performing crucial actions? Is your social message the right one? Website and social media audits will assess all areas of your digital presence. From content and SEO to technical to user experience. Find out where your website or social media accounts are not working and why.

I offer three types of audits that assess various aspects of your business online. These audits will also provide clear, practical recommendations to make your digital presence usable, accessible and successful.

It’s essential to have a website that is easy to understand and navigate for both users and search engines. Likewise, it is crucial that your social media channels are optimised and aligned with your business goals and target audience.

Website & Social Media Audit

This audit is a comprehensive examination of your website that identifies areas for improvement and offers recommendations on how to fix them.

Specifically, it will assess how well a website is optimised in terms of:

  • Keyword Analysis & Mapping
  • On Page / Content Optimisation
  • Blog Creation & Optimisation
  • Navigation- how information is broken down
  • Meta tags – Non-visible elements of a web page
  • ALT tags – Alternative text that can be displayed instead of an image
  • Semantic HTML – H1, H2 and H3 elements within a website
  • Duplicate Content- Having the same content on two or more URLs
  • Robots.txt- A text file that is used to direct web robots on how to crawl
  • Robots meta directives – Provides more firm direction on how to crawl
  • HTTP status codes- Server response to a browser’s request
  • Page Speed- Test how long it takes for your page to be ready
  • Canonicalisation- Checking for duplication issues
  • XML sitemap – To help search engine bots crawl a website
  • Incoming links pointing to client website
  • Features of their website (email, interactive chat, etc)

In terms of social media accounts, I will assess how well social channels are optimised in terms of:

  • Quality of the content being produced
  • Consistency of the content being produced
  • Current social media channels in terms of relevance and effectiveness
  • Engagement levels with its followers, posts and responses
  • Social media metrics, such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversion rates

The audit is designed to provide valuable insights and recommendations that can help improve the overall performance of your online presence. It is comprehensive and easy to understand, addressing identified weaknesses and problems. It also provides solutions to make your website and social media channels more effective in reach and engagement.

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Competitor Audit

With a comprehensive audit of your competitors’ online strategies, you will have the necessary insights you need to surpass them. Our analysis delves deep into the online operations of your key competitors, providing you with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. The Competitor Audit assesses:

  • How well competitor websites are being promoted;
  • Incoming links pointing to competitor websites;
  • How usable and accessible competitor websites are;
  • Services and products that are provided with prices information, delivery, etc;
  • New products and services featured;
  • Features of their website (email, interactive chat, etc);
  • How well their websites are optimised;
  • How competitors are performing across social media;
  • What social media channels competitors are placing emphasis on and how successful are they;
  • How interactive are they with their customers and where there are failings in their approach.

This competitor audit is essential for developing a strategy to outperform your competitors and succeed in your market. It is comprehensive and easy to understand, addressing competitor weaknesses and threats. With a clearer understanding of the online market landscape, you can stay ahead of the competition, drive your business forward and achieve success.

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UX (User Experience) / Usability Audit

Does your website meet users needs and expectations? What emotions does it elicit? Does the look and feel reflect your business? Can users find what they want?
To merely possess a website is not enough; due care and consideration to the potential user’s needs is imperative. A company can have a great website, but the target audience may not be able to use it.

By identifying areas for improvement in terms of user experience (UX), a website audit can help ensure a positive user experience, which can lead to increased engagement and users conversions.

Our website study provides in-depth analysis and recommendations in the following areas of usability:

  • Website Navigation- structure of how information is accessed on a website;
  • Website Clarity – how well the website conveys the company’s message;
  • Website Consistency- how consistent the website is;
  • Website Language – how the company conveys itself in terms of the language used in the site;
  • Aesthetics, Brand and Design – how the company’s ethos is conveyed across the website;
  • Feedback Options – what methods are used within the site to gather customer feedback;
  • Help and Documentation – how the user is guided through the website;
  • User Control – how in control of the website a user feel;
  • Technical and Other Issues – other issues affecting website.

From content and SEO to technical aspects and user experience, I can assess every area of your online presence. These evaluations aim to uncover the areas where your website or social media accounts are underperforming and the reasons behind them. My actionable and straightforward recommendations will improve the overall success of your digital presence.

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