Just some of the businesses I have worked with in the last number of years, providing Digital Marketing Consultancy, Digital Account Management, Social Media Marketing & Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services, Website and Social Media Auditing, Digital Marketing Mentoring & Training and Content Marketing Consultancy. Read about my extensive experience below..

My Story…

I have been doing this for a LOOOONG time! My first steps in the world of digital marketing began back in 1999. I got the opportunity to work with a small start-up in Belfast and very much learned by way of the ‘trial and error’ method. I didn’t realise then, that by 2001, I would be working as a SEO consultant with a top UK internet company, working with acclaimed brands such as Erricson, London Tourist Board, Safeway, Aiwa and Selfridges.

This invaluable experience made me realise that my destiny belonged in the digital world. So along with my then-boyfriend (now husband), we set up the first integrated digital marketing and UX consultancy in Northern Ireland, Elemental Creative.

With the expressed aim of bringing targeted traffic to a website, then making a website work; we worked with a wide range of Multinationals, Blue Chips, Charities and SMEs thoughout the UK and Ireland. Companies we worked with included Age Concern, Tesco, Barclaycard, O2, Allied Irish Bank, Northumbria Council, Momentum NI, Elvery Sports, O Callaghan Hotels Group, Digital Village, Avis, O2, Sun Microsystems, Land Registry of Northern Ireland, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, BuyandSell, Microchannel Technologies (MakeMeTop) and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (that is my ‘off the top of my head’ listing).

I took a step back between 2008 and 2013, with occasional work on some projects, so as to work around family requirements. Yet, digital marketing always called to me. In the last number of years, I have had the privilege to work on many exciting projects (The Game of Thrones Studio Tour being a particular highlight!). I have acquired a wide range of experience and skills working in the vast digital landscape. I provide digital marketing mentoring through a number of Northern Ireland council programmes. I am digital marketing partner with some of the top digital agencies in Northern Ireland. I have clients throughout the Island of Ireland- and I have come to the conclusion – I am pretty damn good at what I do.

Why do I say this? Well, I set myself a standard of service for clients. I do my best for those I work with. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large organisation or an entrepreneur starting up. My belief is that my role is to guide and help. Sometimes, I can’t believe that I am still doing what I started to do back in 1999. And I still love it and still find it exciting.

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