Upping the Interest! How to Make Your Website Content More Attractive.

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There are many ways you can make a website more appealing without having to resort to the whistles and bells of graphics and lots of ‘crazy’ on your web presence.

  • Formatting the text on a page can often break up large chunks of information, so remember to vary content by using bulleting, numbering, emboldened text, text colour,etc to make important information stand out;
  • Also consider the length of paragraphs- break up information into digestible pieces of information;
  • Make your content stand out to the human eye- remember web users don’t read web sites they scan them, so make important facts or sections stand out;
  • Web users are skeptical. Web users actively look for signs to warn them that they should not use a website. It is important to address their concerns in the content of the website;
  • Make sure that the content of your website can be read in ’lay person’ terms. Content should be easily digestible on the first reading;
  • Make the ’voice’ of your website friendly, clear and unpatronising.

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