Please Excuse Me!

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I’m in the midst of fulfilling client work while simultaneously constructing this website, so please bear with me as it’s currently in “build” mode. Despite the hectic workload, I’m dedicated to making time for its completion, and I’m beyond thrilled … Read More

Intertrade Ireland: Digital Sales Essentials Programme

If you are in the manufacturing or tradeable services sector, the Digital Sales Essentials will offer 5 days worth of fully-funded consultancy support to enable improved online presence, digital marketing and e-commerce capability to eligible companies that trade cross-border.… Read More

Social Media Content Calendar Marketing Dates 2022

Every so often, I need to research relevant dates for my clients- and doing this can be really time consuming! That is why I created a free downloadable social media holidays calendar with a list of dates and hashtag holidays to help develop your 2022 content.… Read More

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