Active Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads- Changes to Google Ads

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At the end June 2022, you will longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads. Expanded text ads will continue to serve but it is expected that over time, they will not have equal impressions of Responsive Search Ads.

The following video is a really useful explainer of the changes that will take place and how to work around these alterations.

Creating Responsive Search Ads

Google offers up to 15 different headlines and four description options to help you maximize your ad potential. You can then mix these into 40,000 different options to best suit your consumer’s traits. The chances in the ad style can be seen below.

Specifications of Responsive Search Ads

You can include up to 4 descriptions, with a max of 90 characters.

You can include up to 15 headlines with a max of 30 characters.

Google also offers an ad strength monitor- which will help ensure you are utilising the ads correctly. This is a good opportunity to utilise some CTAs in the content.

It may also be useful to use Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to tailor keywords based on a searcher’s query.

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