Manage Negative Social Media Comments & Reviews

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Every so often I will get a call from a client about negative comments on social media. It could be a terrible review on Google Review or a complaint on Facebook. Many times, the first reaction of the client has been to pull down the reviews completely. Understandable, of course. It’s hard to not feel deflated when you see negative words connected to something you have spent a long time building up. Other times, reactions haven’t been so defeatist or muted- with the client steadying themselves for a war of words in defense of themselves and their product. Neither of these options ever work out well.

Dealing with reviews can be an unpleasant learning curve. But that doesn’t mean bad reviews or negative comments are better left alone. Even bad reviews can be turned into good ones! Dealing with an issue or complaint in a courteous and timely manner, can tell potential customers more about a business that a glitzy pr article ever will.

The infographic below from Digital Giants illustrates perfectly how to respond to negative comments.

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