Creating Content for Google Discover

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What is Google Discover? Says Google::

“Google Discover shows users content related to their interests, based on their Web & App Activity”.

In otherwords, Google Discover provides a content feed to Google’s home page on your mobile phone and their apps, based on your search history, interests and places you follow.

So how is Google Discover different from Google Search?

Google Discover provides information that Googles automated systems believe are a match to a user’s interests.

So how do you create content for Discover?

Well, there is no specific way to create content that targets Discover’s interest matching. However, content is automatically eligible to appear in Discover if it is indexed by Google and meets its content policies. There are no special tagging or technical requirements, other than to create content that is interesting for the end user.

Their suggestions for content are:

  • Non-clickbait style titles for content;
  • Avoid trying to artificially inflate engagement with exaggeration;
  • Avoid manipulation appeal;
  • Have content that is timely or provides unique insights;
  • Provide clear information about the publication of the article;
  • Include high-quality images;
  • Consider E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness). Just like Search, Google is looking for content that is authentic and trustworthy.

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