Maintaining and Improving Email Campaign Performance

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You have finally sent your email out to your opted in audience. How do you use your post email campaign reports to improve future emails?

  • Try experimenting with subject lines, merging names into the subject lines;
  • When to send? Do weekdays work best? Or is the email geared towards an at-home audience, who checks emails on weekends? Or do they typically only order / contact while at work?
  • Time of send. Mornings, just before the first wave of spam? Just before lunch? Just after lunch? Just before quitting time? ;
  • How many people clicked on links? Which links did they click the most? Experiment with links, text within links, increase or decrease the number of links within the email;
  • Check the unsubscribe rate after each campaign. If there is a spike after a particular campaign, see if it had anything to do with the content.
  • Watch the bounceback rate after each campaign. A good list-management system will break down bouncebacks into “hard” vs. “soft” bounces, and clean the list. Soft bounces are emails that exist, but for some reason, they couldn’t be delivered. For instance, their server might have been too busy at the time of delivery. Hard bounces are undeliverable—perhaps the email account doesn’t exist anymore, or there was a typo in the address. Hard bounces should be removed immediately.

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