The Five Digital Trends Happening Around Us

Facebook has published a new set of reports which assess digital media trends for the past few months.

Based on Facebook data, commissioned surveys and third-party research, Facebook looked at the acceleration of existing trends alongside the emergence of new ones.

In doing so, they identified five global changes, that have become apparent over the last number of months.

Safer Shopping –
We haven’t stopped shopping- we are just doing it in a different way! Safety has become a key component in all of our shopping endeavours. From contactless payments to shopping online, approximately half of all shoppers globally are not eager to return to physical stores. Findings also suggest that these changes will last, especially online shopping.

Mindful Wellness –

Spending as much time at home as we all have done, has seen an increase in much-needed distractions. Whether we have taken up gardening, cooking or are looking at ways to relax; globally we have all been interested in our welfare and wellness.

Local Community –

All this time we have spent indoors has made us appreciate the world around us. As such, there has been significant rises in local search and the usage of local businesses online.

Gen Z’s Regeneration –

With 41% of the world under the age of 25, the Gen Z generation are the generation who have truly lived through the pandemic and have embraced the digital world with gusto. Environmental and social justice concerns have become global conversations.

Connected Convenience –

From staff meetings to online events; we really have embraced technology. The ways people find connections with businesses has also been transformed, with online messaging and conversations becoming an established norm for those purchasing online.

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