Developing your Business through Social Media

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Trying to develop and manage your business on social media channels can at times seem overwhelming. Knowing what you want to say, to whom you want to say it and knowing where your target audience is located, is vital if you want to create a successful online presence. So where do you start?

1- Audience Research – your main aim is to connect with your audience. What social media channels can your audience be found in? Are they B2B or B2C? What are their interests and how can you help solve their problems?

2- Relevant Content- Create and distributing content that is relevant, relatable and of interest to your target audience is a sure fire way of connecting with your audience. Try not to stray off this path. Bombarding potential customers with an endless stream of inane posts or irrelevant retweets is likely to put potential customers off following you. Remember quality is more important than quantity.

3- A Consistent Voice- Does your business have a ‘voice’? If not, what type of voice would you like your business to exude? Professional? Funny? Offbeat? Friendly? Encouraging? Knowledgeable? Create guidelines on what the specifics of the business ‘voice’ is.

4- Social Advertising- When necessary, think about which social media platform you should consider advertising on. Social media websites provide vast amounts of information on their users, so advertising campaigns can be precision targeted based on location, interests, industry, etc.

5- Day to Day Management- as well as the day to day administrative management of your social media channels, you will also need to plan, create and schedule posts. This is where tools like Hootesuite become like an invaluable member of staff! Organise posts across various channels, schedule re-posts, all from the one dashboard.

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